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(un)done V1.0

JUN 2015

Experience Design, Physical Computing, Crafting

(un)done is an intimate non-linear narrative experience following a couple as they meet, fall in love, fight, and fall apart. The experience embodies a couple’s relationship and is played through as a player tie and unties himself or herself with another person wearing capes with ropes attached to them. The choice of using tie/untie ropes as the core mechanic is to represent the concept of building and destroying the relationship visually.


"You had that cat Lucy that you used to share with your ex. I hated Lucy because it reminded me that you were in love with someone else and could be again. " - (un)done

Kailin Zhu: Physical Computing, Crafting, Design
Tobias Wehrum: Processing Programming, Soldering, Design
Amanda Tom: Writing, Crafting, Design
Kara Stone: Writing, Crafting, Sound, Design
Voice Acting by Ida Marie Toft and Jessica Rose Marcotte
Music by Nicole Pacampara


Arduino + Processing


This project was made possible through the Technoculture, Art and Games Research Center's Critical Hit: Games Collaboratory and the support of Concordia University and Dawson College and financial contribution of the Ministère de l'Enseignement supérieur, de la Recherche, de la Science et de la Technologie.