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APR 2016

UI/UX Design, Visual Design

MetMatch is a cooperative card game where players learn about the interconnected themes of art at the Met. Players are given a theme, then use cards featuring artworks from the Met to create an exhibition fitting that theme. Another player then tries to guess the theme of the exhibition in as few guesses as possible.



When players are having a great time and looking into every aspect of an art piece, they increase their appreciation for the art and inspire them to learn more about it.

The idea for MetMatch came from a desire to mix the collaborative judging of games like Dixit, Cards Against Humanity, and Apples to Apples with the art of the Met. All of these games share the joy of trying to get inside the other players' minds and figure out what connections they'd make between various ideas, creating great moments where you either all seem to be thinking in unison or you can't believe the crazy things going on in your friend's head. 

What we wanted to do with MetMatch was to take those same kinds of moments and use them in a more thoughtful context, keeping the fun but also encouraging players to think deeply about the works of art from the Met



One of the greatest experiences from the Expo was not just seeing how much fun players had, but also how they became more interested in the art they saw on the cards. 

While demoing MetMatch at the Met Digital Expo, we realized so much more about the experience than we had from our own playtesting. Members of the Met and the public alike had a great time playing, and it was wonderful to see the varied experiences from players who ranged from knowing the art of the Met intimately to those who were seeing it for the first time. Players frequently stuck around for several rounds, even in the hectic Expo environment, and then brought their friends back to the table to try another round with different people.

Kailin Zhu: Designer
Eric Teo: Designer, Programmer
Jonathan Moormann: Designer

2016MetDigital Open House, NYC

iOS/Android App + Cards