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Colour Captain

AUG 2012

Game/UX Design, Programming, Project Management

Colour Captain is a 2D puzzle-platform game made for the iPhone that is both entertaining and educational. The game takes players on a fantastic journey through the skies of the world to find lost pieces of a magical ship. Arm yourself with colour theory as you make your way through a variety of challenges. Become a master at creating colours to reveal a path to the lost ship and become the captain. 


Dare to be Digital 2012 Selections
7th Aniwow!China(Beijing)International Student Animation Festival, Beijing

Dare Protoplay 2012, UK


Kailin Zhu: Programmer, Game Design, Project Manager, 
Jun Zhang: Visual Design, Animation
Xiaoxi Huang: Visual Design, Game Design
Dan Wei: Programmer, Game Design,
Jess Hurtado: Music, Sound Design